What do I want? Where do I stand?



Uma Tuffnell, Momota Sefesi, Patricia Ramos, Many Hands, Elisa Barczak, Tommo Jiang, Holly Gillard, Hazel Ellis, Brigitte Chan, Aya Yamashita, Ash Fanauga Tofa, Emma Cheng, Sunny Yoon, Winnie Edgar-Booty, Bronte Heron, Minkyeong Kim, Cole Cochran, Kate Cox, Mandy Chan, Sunny Yoon, Jerome Van Rijn,  Diva Ford, Jerome Ngan-Kee, Avigail Allan, Daisy Wells, Robyn Jordaan, Mano Rankin, Mia Morris, Felixe Laing, Chealsea Bostock, Hannah Petrick, Kris Leggett, Kirsty McNeil, NZ on TV, Bonnie Harvey, Kathy-Lee Dixon, Jess Robins, Abbey Gamit, Java Bentley, Anna Sisson, Rea Burton, Lila Bullen Smith, Hannah Berry, Felix Pryor, Brook Konia, Robyn Walton, Lara Thomas, Amy Donnell, Sue Paterson, Caitlin Ramsay, Casey Carsel, Liu Yuan, Jordan Davey-Emms, Tullia Pye, Lily Worrall, Sholto Buck, Baby Salt, Pauline Bennett


What do I want? Where do I stand?  is a group exhibition of current 4th year and Honours students at Elam School of Fine Art. Offsite is the online component of this show. A number of art works are hosted on this webspace, under WORKS


223 Symonds Street, Auckland
16th Sept – 1st Oct 2016
11am – 4pm
Wednesday – Sunday